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Q What is the minimum order?
A It's simple: there is none. You can mix and match all our items or buy just one. If you are a returning customer and need just one or two fill in items, consider your wish granted!
Q Does the listed price on each item include embroidery?
A Yes. The price you see for each item is the price you pay. No gimmicks or application charges like other companies that apply $2-$5 just to add your logo . Our free embroidery grants you one logo application on the left chest by default; however we can also sew on a sleeve or back yoke of a garment at no extra charge. 97% of all logos we receive will have no problem transferring to embroidery and qualify for free embroidery. If your logo has a stitch count of 10,000+ stitches there will be a small fee of $3.99 per application of the logo. If you'd like, our graphic designers can make suggestions in order to reduce the thread count of your logo, allowing you to avoid the High Stitch Fee. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible and, most importantly, produce a high quality product you can be proud of.
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Q OK, it's clear that all your prices include one application of embroidery. What if I want a second or third application too?
A Not a problem. If you want your logo embroidered on more than one location simply add $6.99 per application. For custom names or text simply add $9.99 per application.
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Q What are your pricing levels like?
A There are none!
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Q Do I have to order items that are all the same color and style?
A No way! You can mix and match every item on our site and our graphic designers will adjust your logo's thread colors to best match the colors of your merchandise. At our competition, you'll find a lot of unavailable color and size runs. some of our products have as many as 18 color choices and are almost always in stock.
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Q OK - I want to join your 8,000+ other automotive dealership customers nationwide. What's the ordering process like?
A Once you place your online order with us and submit your logo, you can expect an email confirmation within 24 hours. If you are a new customer or are using a new logo, you will see a proof of your embroidered logo within the next 2 to 3 business days. Once you're 110% happy with it, we will start sewing or screen-printing your order. We will ship your order in 7 business days after your logo approval. If you need a rush order, it's no problem - please contact us at (800) 521-6022. If your logo is already on file from a previous order, expect your new apparel that much faster.
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Q How can I get my logo to you?
A You can email your logo to We accept most formats (.ai, .eps, .pdf, .jpeg, .tif, .bmp, .gif, .psd, .doc) however the higher the resolution the better. Next, our graphic experts will get to work on your logo and within 2-3 business days you will receive an embroidery proof, taking into account any special graphical requests that you may have. After you approve your logo proof, we will ship your completed order within 7 business days. That's almost half the time of our competition!
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Q How does logo set-up work?
A Each custom logo is $85 to have your logo professionally set-up for embroidery. Your logo will then be on-file with R.J. Roberts & Co. Dealer Apparel for a lifetime of free use.
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Q Will I see a proof of my logo before it is put into production?
A Absolutely! We want you to be rock-solid certain of how your order will look. We will not start with your order until you have signed off on step 1 and step 2 of the logo approval process. Upon approval of both steps your logo is then ready for embroidery. If this is a repeat order, we will not bother you with another proof unless you request it.
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Q Can you start working on my logo before I place my order?
A Our logo experts would be happy to evaluate your logo at any time and offer suggestions on how to improve it for embroidery. For a free logo evaluation, please email your logo to Once you have an order placed with us, our logo specialists will move forward with the set up process.
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Q Is there a logo set up fee if I reorder?
A Absolutely not! Your logo is on file for a lifetime of use. You can reorder as many times as you like and pay no extra fees. And with our no minimums policy, small fill-in orders are not a problem. If you choose to reorder with a new logo it would be subject to a one time logo set up charge of $85. Rest assured once each logo is digitized they stay on file for a lifetime of use.
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Q Are there any restrictions on the size or detail of my logo?
A For best embroidery results, we cannot produce a logo larger than 4 inches by 4 inches. We want your logo to look its best and will work with you to size it correctly. No word, letter, or graphical element in your logo should be under 3/16 of an inch, in order to translate to thread properly. If there is tiny detail in your logo, it may have to be removed or modified by our graphic designers. Not to worry, as we will work with you through the revision process in order to make your logo meet our standards. Our logo experts will do everything in their power to make your logo an embroidery masterpiece!
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Q How will my logo look on different color hats and shirts?
A Our expert graphic designers will work with you to modify the thread colors of your logo so it looks great on both light and dark fabric backgrounds. You will see a proof of how your logo will look on both light and dark backgrounds, and we guarantee you'll be satisfied before we start your order.
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Q How do you guys get all these brand names like Ping, Calvin Klein, and IZOD? I don't see those at your competition.
A We understand that you want to wear your company logo with pride, on name-brand apparel. We can deliver these name brand items because of our 40+ year relationship with our vendors. Unlike our competition, we always have access to these items, and are constantly keeping up to date with new incoming fashion, so please check our website often.
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Q I've noticed you guys have many complete color and size runs, even on sale items. How do you do this when your competition can't come close to this kind of selection?
A Our embroidery business has been around since 1972. That's 40 years and counting that we've been building special relationships with clothing manufacturers to get you the best choices in color, size, and price .
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Q What is your quality guarantee like?
A We guarantee that you will be happy with your order and we will fix it. if it is not to your liking. We strive to keep you 110% satisfied so you'll do business with us again and again. If there is a problem with your order, email or call us at 800-521-6022 and we will make it right.
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Q Can I see some samples for sizing and color?
A Sure, it's really easy. You can place a sample order by going through the normal checkout process by placing a maximum of 6 items, and put "SAMPLES" in the comments box. We invoice each sample order but you will be issued full credit once we receive the samples back within 15 days. The only cost you will be responsible for is shipping the items back to us using the shipping method of your choice. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable on sample orders shipped outside of the continental United States.
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Q What are your shipping rates like?
A Unlike other companies, we don't build shipping prices into the price of our merchandise. We think you'll find our shipping rates to be very competitive with the rest of the industry.
Order Amount Shipping & Handling
$1-99 $14.99
$100-199 $16.99
$200-399 $19.99
$400-599 $33.99
$600-899 $39.99
$900+ 6%
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Q How do you ship my order?
A We ship using FedEx Ground or Express service. FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes so we do ask that you give us a street address when placing your order.While we may not have time to personally deliver each order through superhuman flight, our FedEx shipping is super-fast.
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Q About how long does this whole process take?
A Expect your order to be out the door once you approve your logo proof. We can accommodate rush orders, though, so please contact us if you need even faster service by email at info@rjroberts.comor by phone 800-521-6022.
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Q What if I want a rush order?
A We know that sometimes customers need their items at super-speed and we will accommodate you. Our standard shipping times are weeks faster than our competition (10 business days or less after your logo proof approval) but if you need your items even faster we have two levels of rush processing. For a rush fee of $75.00 and an expedited shipping charge of 20% of your total order, we guarantee your order will be in-hands 5-7 business days after your proof approval. For a rush fee of $150.00 and an expedited shipping charge of 30% of your total order, we guarantee your order will be in-hands 3-4 business days after your proof approval. We want to earn your business, so please call us at 800-521-6022 to place a rush order.
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Q How do I use the Give $100, Get $100 referral program?
  • Customer signs up to become an advocate.
  • Copy & Share custom referral link with friends.
    • Copy and paste your featured custom referral link, and share it with friends via email, facebook, or twitter.
    • The referral is ONLY detected if the friend of the advocate clicks on the link then does their checkout with the unique code.
    • $100 reward limit of 1 friend per advocate.
    • Applies to orders of $150 or more.
  • When your friend checks out you earn $100
    • Once a friend clicks on the link you shared with them and checks out. 10-24hrs later you will receive an email with your unique $100 code for being an advocate.
    • You earn $100 for each 1 friend that checks out using their code. Friend must be a new customer, and not have an account with Limit of 1 referral friend per advocate.
  • Note
    • Code is non-stackable.
    • The reward will be sent 10-24 hours after the friend’s purchase.
    • The advocate will be rewarded for the friend’s 1st purchase.
    • $100 reward limit of 1 friend per advocate.
    • Coupon codes expiration date and features subject to change.
    • Code is valid for one store/dealership group and cannot be sent to each employee to order separately.
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Q What credit cards do you accept?
A We only accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Although we do a pre-authorization on your credit card when the order is placed, you card will not be charged until your order has been shipped.

*However, if using a debit card. Most banks will withdraw or hold the funds immediately* (Please check with your bank concerning debit card use).
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